Course Description & Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to teach participants the principles and practice of Life Designing & Career Construction Theory (CCT). CCT is a post-modern theory of career choice and development designed to help workers navigate career transitions by preparing them for a lifetime of change as they adjust and adapt to a dynamic and complex world of work. Narrative storytelling techniques are used to engage individuals in dialog as they narrate and re-narrate their vocational self-concepts. CCT integrates multiple career theories to help individuals address the What, How, and Why of career decision making. Clients experience an increase in clarity, confidence, career adaptability, resilience, and hope by becoming the managers of their own careers.

  • Use the Career Construction Interview to assist clients in identifying their career related needs, values, interests, beliefs, passion, and story

  • Describe and explain the importance of career/work in addressing issues related to, Resilience, Well-being, Adaptability, and Meaning & Mattering

  • Describe and explain the theoretical constructs of Career Construction Theory (CCT)

  • Describe and explain the Career Construction Interview (CCI) to clients

  • Learn how to ask clients the 5 Career Construction Interview questions

  • Analyze and process a client's responses to the Career Construction Interview questions

  • Identify themes and patterns in clients' stories

  • Assist clients in creating their Career/Life Portrait

  • Describe ethical use of the Career Construction Interview

  • Create an action plan, including goals and next steps, based on a client's current career concern/challenge

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Career Construction Fundamentals Masterclass (1:35)

    2. Meet Your Instructor (7:21)

    3. Course Description (2:00)

    4. Learning Outcomes (1:00)

    5. Course Content & Outline (5:09)

    6. Download Course Textbook: Life Design Counseling Manual (1:00)

    1. Introduction (0:52)

    2. What is Life Designing, Career Construction Theory & the Career Construction Interview? (2:00)

    3. Keynote: Practicing Life Designing Dialogues (2016) - Kevin Glavin, PhD (14:20)

    4. Watch Video: The Case of Jaimee (1:00)

    5. Complete Module Quiz (10:00)

    6. A Story About Career Transitions (2016) - Mark Savickas, PhD (4:19)

    1. Introduction (0:56)

    2. Read Chapters 1 & 2: Life Design Counseling Manual (35:00)

    3. Watch Narrated Lecture: Life Designing for Career Construction (38:05)

    4. Watch Narrated Lecture: Principles of Career Construction Theory (38:48)

    5. Watch Narrated Lecture: Constructing Careers: Client as Actor, Agent, Author (26:00)

    6. Complete Module Quiz (10:00)

    1. Introduction (1:39)

    2. Read LDCC Chapter 3: Career Construction Interview (5:00)

    3. Watch Narrated Lecture: The Career Construction Interview (39:41)

    4. Watch CCI Introductory Question Video Example (1:10)

    5. Complete Module Quiz (10:00)

    1. Introduction (0:58)

    2. Read LDCC Chapter 3: Favorite Magazines, TV Shows, Websites (5:00)

    3. Watch Narrated Lecture: Favorite Magazines, TV Shows, Websites (21:30)

    4. Watch CCI Q2. Favorite Magazines, TV Shows, Websites Video Example (8:24)

    5. Complete Case Study Quiz (15:00)

    6. Complete Module Quiz (10:00)

About this course

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