Course Description & Learning Outcomes

This course provides participants with the opportunity to observe and practice the Career Construction Interview via a live supervised practicum experience. Participants will observe a live CCI demonstration conducted by one of our Master trainers. Participants will also practice the CCI under live supervision and receive immediate and specific feedback from their supervisor. Practicum provides individuals with the opportunity to learn vicariously by observing the CCI practice sessions of fellow course participants. Watch and learn from your peers’ practice sessions. Witness a variety of clients present with a diverse array of career concerns and challenges.

  • Small group practicum experience (6-10 participants per class)

  • Stand out from other career practitioners by equipping yourself with narrative tools and techniques that go beyond exploring values, interests, beliefs etc. and help clients narrate and voice their career as a story

  • Learn from the experts by watching a live in-class demonstration of the Career Construction Interview (CCI)

  • Gain experience and confidence by engaging in a live supervised practice session with a course partner. Receive immediate and specific feedback from the master trainer

  • Increase the effectiveness of your CCI interventions by quickly identifying and eliminating mistakes

  • Watch and learn how to resolve mistakes made by fellow course participants

  • Engage in Q&A sessions with our expert Master trainers

  • Learn how to quickly write case notes and co-construct a clients Career Life Portrait

  • Find support and help by networking with fellow course participants

Course Curriculum

    1. 13 hours of Live Supervised Practicum

    2. Contact us for course schedule. Schedule may vary depending on class size,

About this course

  • $1,500.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Social proof: testimonials

Course rating = 5 out of 5

Gerald Tan - Projects Director – Avodah People Solutions

In completing the CYW programme conducted by Dr Glavin, I was able to carry out the Career Construction Interview effectively in my organisation's work. The training has increased my confidence and competence and in turn helped my clients to benefit greatly. The practicum and guidance, peer modelling approach used by Dr Galvin was instrumental in helping me to improve my practice. Looking back at my past practice and case notes, I rate my effectiveness and confidence to have improved by about 50%. I highly recommend this CYW programme to anyone who seeks to use the Career Construction Theory as a practice to help clients.

Course rating = 5 out of 5


The masterclass reminded me to trust that my clients have deep resources to help themselves. The practice sessions under Kevin’s patient and professional guidance, made the learning deeper and much more relatable. I can now use the power of story-telling to tease out my client’s career interests and strengths.

Course rating = 5 out of 5

See Ching-Feng - Principal Consultant / Trainer, Resonance Pte Ltd Consultant

The Career Construction Interview (CCI) course covers a lot of knowledge and actionable concepts through the execution of CCI questioning framework. It is delivered in concise chunks that are easy to follow and absorb. The design of the course is clear, logical and provided a systematic questioning framework to understand and apply the various principles of CCI. It covers not just on building knowledge and actionable concepts of Career Construction Theory, the real benefits come from putting what we have learnt into practice in small groups, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Kevin and other participants. Kevin has put in a lot of thoughts, his expertise and experience into designing the course to ensure that his learners get it. As a trainer/course developer myself, I have a lot to learn from Kevin. He has truly connected and inspired me. As someone new to career development, I personally benefitted tremendously from the course. It has empowered me, coached me, and given me the confidence to achieve my goals as a career coach and has left me with many actionable take-aways. I loved Kevin’s teaching method and appreciated his passion, energy and generosity in his mission to help us becoming better career construction practitioner.

Course rating = 5 out of 5


The course was organised and structured very well. The contents were excellent. I learned the skills I need from the trainer and gained knowledge from other learners. It was a wonderful learning journey, and the most impactful to me and my work so far. The programme has equipped me with an extremely powerful tool to help my clients navigate their career transition journey. All clients claimed that they had found the sessions with me very useful and meaningful.

Course rating = 5 out of 5

James Tan

I learnt various ways to engage jobseekers in a safe environment. I experienced being the Observer, Client, and Coach. Each experience is different and a good way to learn. Kevin was great in facilitating learning and shared good insights to all our questions. This programme was the first that I attended that allowed me to share as a client and then have a student coach listen to my story.

Course rating = 5 out of 5

Yenn Leng

The Career Construction Masterclass training has provided me with useful tools and tips to engage clients in reflection and reflexivity. Through the 5 structured questions, clients can uncover life themes, patterns and connections in their experiences. The CCI empowers the client to make decision in relation to the current transition.

Course rating = 5 out of 5


Comments – CCI is an interesting process that teases out unexpected and remarkable results from a coaching conversation. Kevin has the experience and expertise to guide even novices through this process, to make sure that you are well placed to conduct CCI sessions. The course is designed with several role plays, thereby ensuring that by the time you complete the course, you are confident of, and familiar with the process.

Course rating = 5 out of 5


Unlike most courses that only load on the knowledge part and overlooked in developing the skillsets, this course took a well-balanced approach of developing both knowledge and skillsets, The strength of this course is the practice session (closely supervised by the trainer) where you have a chance to be both the client as well as the practitioner and experience firsthand the effectiveness of CCI. It was a wonderful experience but more importantly it gave me the confidence to use CCI in my practice.

Course rating = 5 out of 5


I have the privilege to learn from Kevin during the Career Construction Masterclass conducted online from Jan 4, 2021, to February 26, 2021. I came to the course having taught the CCI at Masters-level for several years at a university and have used the Career Construction Interview (CCI) process with clients in the past. There were many ah-ha moments, some unlearning and re-learning to do. What I took from the Masterclass was the renewed confidence in the efficacy of the strategies when used correctly. Attending the Masterclass is like presenting yourself to the grandmaster to examine your work. Go with the intellectual humility and wonder to learn, and you will be richly rewarded. I give my strongest and unreserved recommendation for Kevin and his Masterclass!